Fishy Business Aquariums


In addition to providing high quality, innovative and stylish aquariums, we are committed to delivering outstanding customer service which is integral to our success.

Fishy Business Aquariums customers are supported by our fully trained technicians that will ensure the successful installation, continued cleaning and maintenance of your aquarium.

Our services include;

  • Regular tank servicing at a convenient time and day to suit.
  • Installation of your aquarium display with all materials and products required.
  • Movement of the aquarium during any refurbishment.
  • Ongoing supply of livestock and products when necessary

Fishy Business Aquariums also relies on the expert knowledge and skills of professional service partners. We work together with Builders, Landscapers, Architects and Engineers to custom build tanks which look great and are fully functional. All our aquarium design feature state-of-the-art filtration systems to ensure healthy, balanced tank environments. This is integral to maintaining the health of your fish and value of your investment. As we provide a number of services to large organizations all of our staffs are accredited and our business is fully certified by the Australian Government.

Our service can be used for a range of needs, from those who have never had an aquarium before, others that need step by step help, to someone who is an expert but does not have time in their busy schedule.

We will help every step of the way, from setting up the aquarium, cleaning, ongoing maintenance and feeding the fish. Our goal is to have the best aquarium for our clients needs, we pride ourselves on excellence.